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Product Brochure

Clemens has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacturing of specialised equipment for vineyards and orchards.

Orchards Agrimek provide a wide range of Clemens cultivators, trimmers, pruners, defoliators, seeders, power harrows and many more.

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It may seem like science fiction but the future is here. The next generation of agricultural technology, electronic tractor control promises to increase productivity. The Clemens Vinescout steering system can be installed on all tractors or grape harvesters with hydraulic steering. Vinescout electronically steers the tractor in the row with the assistance of a 3D camera system. This means that the tractor driver no longer needs to steer when driving through rows, but can instead fully focus on the attached equipment.

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A buzzer is triggered when the end of a row is reached to alert the driver to take over manual steering in order to move onto the next row. The vine scout automatic steering system allows the driver to concentrate on other activities and greatly improves multi-row cultivation, even at night.


  • Fully automatic steering system
  • Takes the strain off the actual steering process
  • Allows for stress-free operation of multi-row cultivating appliances
  • Can be used in viticulture and fruit-growing with a spacing of 1,5 m and 3,5 m between rows.
  • Can be used on all agricultural tractors with hydraulic steering.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Excellent precision at various working speeds.

The Clemens Eco Roll mulcher can be incorporated into any agricultural process with ease. Alien vegetation is pressed down as the spades attached to the roller bend and cut down the stems and leaves. Creating a loose covering which is naturally incorporated into the soil by earthworms and other organisms. Mulching helps retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature and suppress weed growth dramatically.

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Available sizes:

  • Eco roll 400* is 485mm wide and weighs 50kg**
  • Eco roll 600* is 685mm wide and weighs 75kg**
  • Eco roll 800* is 885mm wide and weighs 100kg**
  • Eco roll 1000 is 1085mm wide and weighs 275kg
  • Eco roll 1200 is 1285mm wide and weighs 310kg
  • Eco roll 1300 is 1385mm wide and weighs 346kg
  • Eco roll 1400 is 1485mm wide and weighs 355kg
  • Eco roll 1500 is 1585mm wide and weighs 386kg
  • Eco roll 1600 is 1685mm wide and weighs 394kg
  • Eco roll 1800 is 1895mm wide and weighs 433kg
  • Eco roll 2000 is 2095mm wide and weighs 525kg
  • * (for high clearance tractor)
  • ** (without frame)

The new Infaco F3015

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Orchard Agrimek, a top-tier agricultural company providing orchard and vineyard equipment to the South African market. We import well proven agricultural equipment to improve quality and productivity.

What makes Orchard Agrimek different?

Orchard Agrimek is committed to providing innovative and dependable solutions to farmers. Our focus is to provide well proven products that improve quality and productivity, and ultimately to increase profitability for you the farmer. We stand behind all of our products - no matter what! We will do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers remain loyal to the products we deliver to them.

Orchard Agrimek is proud of our association built over many years with all our suppliers of agricultural equipment. We distribute and support only world-beating, proven brands. We are agricultural mechanisationists - more machines make light work!

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