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Weeds are always a problem and high-volume spraying can be very expensive. Heavy spray equipment cause soil compaction, longer refilling time, spray drift in windy conditions and the need to respray after rain. Micron’s exclusive range of low-volume covered sprayers will all but eliminate these problems.

The Micron system is efficient, quick to set up and simple to use. There is no need for complicated calibrations. The Micron ultra-low-volume system can apply as little as 1,5 litres per hectare. The covered spray systems protect young plants from herbicides and ensure optimal chemical efficiency on weeds. Since there is no loss of spray to the atmosphere, you are assured of maximum weed coverage with the spray mist.

Fit this unique system to your quad bike – then watch your returns grow instead of your weeds. Click here for more information.

Orchard Agrimek, a top-tier agricultural company providing orchard and vineyard equipment to the South African market. We import well proven agricultural equipment to improve quality and productivity.

What makes Orchard Agrimek different?

Orchard Agrimek is committed to providing innovative and dependable solutions to farmers. Our focus is to provide well proven products that improve quality and productivity, and ultimately to increase profitability for you the farmer. We stand behind all of our products - no matter what! We will do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers remain loyal to the products we deliver to them.

Orchard Agrimek is proud of our association built over many years with all our suppliers of agricultural equipment. We distribute and support only world-beating, proven brands. We are agricultural mechanisationists - more machines make light work!

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